These days we all are looking for ways to connect with or families and friends. Zoom has become the most popular app for getting together. Question is, can we have fun on Zoom? Can we get creative? Sure we can. Are there easy Zoom games? Sure there are.

Fun Zoom games can break the ice and really get a Zoom party going.

Charades is one of the best games to play on zoom with friends.

Zoom Charades is perfect and fun for a long-distance dinner party or an evening with friends.

We’ve all been getting familiar with the Zoom app. Now it’s time to have fun with it. All you need is a good imagination… and no additional apps. This website has everything you could possibly want for Charades in one place.

Some of your participants will be using laptops, some will be using phones. Going back and forth between game apps can be tricky and tedious. We want to have fun and keep things as simple as possible. Using out charades ideas, you don’t have to leave Zoom to open any other apps while you play.

How to play charades on Zoom

Charades on Zoom is a classic game-night game, mainly because the rules are so simple.

Charades translates easily to Zoom. Split your group into two teams. One person from each team can use these charades ideas to choose your charades words and phrases.

Charades is a phrase guessing game. The clues can be movies, songs, anything really. It’s a game where one player acts out a word or phrase, and his or her team guesses the answer. The specific rules people use to play Charades varies a bit from person to person, but the rules are easy, just visit here for info on How To Play Charades.

Best zoom games

For Zoom Charades the person who’s acting out the charade can use the Zoom “spotlight” feature, and their team has one minute to figure out the phrase.

An even simpler way –

This can also be played without teams for smaller groups. Each player can download the charades words and simply take turns while the rest of the group guesses. When a person guesses correctly, it becomes their turn. Someone can be designated to keep score.

Zoom games for kids

This can easily be a ton of fun for kids. Just use these Charades For Kids phrases to get a party going.

Why is this the #1 Charades Words & Ideas website?

Because every single Charades word, idea and clue have been tried and tested and deemed suitable and usable for Charades. These are not random lists or items. Sometimes even the most popular movies or TV shows are not a good fit for Charades. All our clues can be acted out using the basic charade actions.

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