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Just a little information if you need it…

Please use our Contact page if you have any questions that were not addressed here.

Timer: You can use a smartphone, computer, or use a timer from another board game that you may own. Here are some links to online timers:

Your Download is immediately emailed to you after your PayPal purchase is complete.

But what if you somehow lost or deleted the email before you downloaded the file or before the download was complete?

Then go to our contact page and let us know. We are aware that you may want the Charade Clues right away. So we will get back to you ASAP and send you the link. (Be sure to include your email address)

Paying at PayPal without a PayPal account

Payments for Charades Clues are made at PayPal, but you do not need to own a PayPal account to pay: you may enter your credit card’s data directly at PayPal and complete your payment. You do not need to open a PayPal account.

Once you get directed to PayPal, just take a quick moment, and do as follows:

1. Make sure the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” option is selected

If your PayPal page looks as follows, just click on “Don’t have a PayPal account?“.