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Charades is the fun game that friends and family of any age level can participate in. The only requirement is a lot of imagination, and a great sense of humor!

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charades for kids
charades for kids
charades for kids

Charades For Kids

Charades is a word/phrase guessing game. It is an acting game in which one player acts out a word or phrase, and his or her team guesses the answer.

Keep the rules simple when you play with kids! With a bit of help, even kids as young as three can play. And remember kids will simply act out the “entire concept” of the phrase at once. Sometimes referred to as ‘Whole Thing’. Children who are four years and older can easily participate in charades. The younger the children participating, the easier the topics should be.

The Charades Words Download Page on our site has great, easy clues, for kids to act out.

Keep in Mind: If you have younger kids, however, you can pair them up with older children or adults so that they don’t get frustrated if they don’t get many of the guesses.

How to Play Kids Charades | Get The Charades Words Here

Charades is an easy, fun game. The goal is to guess words or phrases correctly before time runs out by watching one of your team members act it out. Here are two Ways to Play Kids Charades:

Play Kids Charades With A Score Card

  • Divide players into two teams.
  • Divide the charade cards equally between the teams.
  • Team 1 – choose the first actor.
  • The timer is set to between 3-5 minutes (choose how difficult you want it – keep the same time frame through out the game).
  • Team 1’s actor must now act out the phrase to his own team in the time frame given. Team 1’s gets the clue correct – they score 1 point. If they don’t – no score!
  • Then it’s Team 2’s turn!
  • Continue the game giving each team a turn – every time they get one right, they get a point. First Team to get 15 points wins!
  • Then play again, so everybody gets a chance to win.

Play Kids Charades Without a Score Card… Playing charades just for fun!

  • No teams. No timer.
  • Place all the charade cards in a bowl.

What You’ll Need:

  • A stopwatch or timer
  • A bowl or container for the Charades Words
  • A notepad (for keeping score)
  • Four or more players
  • Imagination

Since kids love to play Charades, having our Charades Word Lists for Kids available while playing will reduce the time it takes for kids to think of topics on their own and you make sure the list is tailored to the age of the children.

Our ‘Charades Tested’ words & ideas are available in two age groups, 5-9 & 10-13.

Whatever age you are, this game is great fun for the whole family. If kids want to play charades with adults. Print out the regular clues for adults and print the kids charades list – then put them in two separate bowls. Game on!

Kid Charades List | Charades Rules

kids charades

Everything you could possibly want for Charades in one place.
Approved & Tested Charades Words for Kids to get your game on!

KIds Charades Words Here
KIds Charades Words Here

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